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barrios to beaches documentary series (pilot project)



Barrios to Beaches.

This saying was first coined by Jose in his high school days. The phrase is meant to represent the work ethic, mindset, and hunger needed to rise above many challenging obstacles en route to one's dreams. In the same vein, that is how this project is meant to play out.

The Barrios to Beaches (B2B) documentary is meant to act as a first-of-its-kind transnational journalistic basketball endeavour. Often times sports in North American culture are only viewed from a surface-level: wins-losses, records, awards, contracts etc. Yet the games carry much more meaning to them than many people even begin to realize. This is something that Jose has felt strongly about changing and pushing for in the sports journalism industry for some time.

B2B wants to travel the world - from the developing nations who hold basketball near and dear to her hearts to some of the more unlikely spots where basketball has quickly emerged to the forefront - all with the intent to gain an unprecedented insight into the relationship, influence, and ramifications basketball has had  - socially, politically, racially and economically over the years.

Speaking with high-ranking officials, playing with locals and professionals, and engaging in the various cultural practices, the B2B documentary series is meant to play out as an in-depth examination of the game on a much deeper level.

This project would not be possible without your donations. A crowd funding initiative will be put together shortly. We will let you know when it is up!

Sports can be much more than just a game....

transnational project: PROPOSED LOCATIONS

Toronto, Canada (may 15, 2016)

We start at home to provide a beginning point. Some are calling Toronto/the GTA the best producer of ball players in the world at the moment - what exactly changed and how has it impacted the economy of the bustling city?

Manila, philippines (June 1, 2016)

One of the most basketball-crazed countries in Asia, massive living disparity growing between the rich and poor and widespread corruption in the domestic league - what's at play here?

New Delhi, India (July 1, 2016)

India recently made history with two of their countrymen making the NBA. One of the largest populations in the world but also one contained in exceedingly difficult conditions for the development of its players - how is basketball being used in the country considering all of this?

Freetown, sieera leone (August 1, 2016)

Notorious for child trafficking and being the capital of conflict and 'blood' diamonds, the government in recent years has taken constructive steps to move away from such a title. How have the children responded and adapted?


...Let us know if you have any suggestions for places by filling out the contact sheet with the subject "B2B Doc" and please give reasoning as to why. THANKS!