Jose Colorado

Basketball player. Sports Journalist. Entrepreneur.

In each audio segment Jose helped to compile audio clips, create original sound, edit and produce the final product. 


The Colo Dolo Show feat. Alexander K Lee (Inaugural show)

Sept. 28, 2015 - An original podcast created to discuss all things hoops. Listen here...

Canada's sports talk (final episode)

Oct. 28, 2015 - The final episode of Canada's Sports Talk (CST) featuring George Redak and Jonathan Soveta. CST ran for a seven week period with one episode produced per week under the supervision of TSN Radio host, Jim Tatti. Listen here...

Live radio Hits

One minute radio sports update

June 12, 2015 - A one minute radio sports update discussing the NBA Finals, Canadian women's soccer and the Toronto Blue Jays. Listen here...