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Basketball Africa League (BAL) Player Salaries: Average Salary, MAX., Minimum, Highest-Paid Players and more! (Players’ Survey - Original Research, 2022)

The Basketball Africa League (BAL) already has established itself as a competitive overseas basketball league with high salaries. A large part of that comes from the NBA’s involvement. But beyond that, BAL’s rosters have different roster designations for overseas basketball players. Depending on where a player fits in, their wage will vary greatly. Learn more.

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Italy Basketball League Salaries: Lega Basket Serie A, A2, Serie B, Serie C - Gold/Silver, Serie D [Ultimate Guide, 2022]

Italian Basketball League salaries will vary depending on whether you are playing in Italy's top division (Lega Basket Serie A) or a lower tier (e.g. Serie C, Serie D). Regardless, Italy is a great overseas basketball country as it has many competitive overseas basketball leagues and salaries for both elite EuroLeague players and beginner players. Learn more.

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Qatar Basketball League Salaries: Qatar Pro Basketball League D1 [Players Survey, 2022]

The Qatar Basketball League’s top professional division, named the the QBL D1, has high-paying salaries for overseas basketball players. Better yet there are multiple Qatar basketball clubs such as Al Shamal - among others - who can pay top dollar for its players. Yes, Qatar basketball players can have a nice payday in the country but there are loads of expectations that come with the money. Learn more.

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Puerto Rican Basketball League Salary: Baloncesto Superior Nacional - BSN Wages (2021)

Puerto Rico’s basketball salaries in the Baloncesto Superior Nacional have gone down in recent years but they still remain one of the highest-paying overseas basketball leagues in the Americas. The BSN features a summer-month schedule with salaries reaching six figures for the top-tier players. But it will be difficult to crack a roster. Learn more.

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Israeli Basketball League Salaries (Premier Basketball League, D2 - D5; Complete Breakdown)

Israel’s pro basketball league salaries vary greatly from division to division. The Premier Basketball League - also known as the Winner’s League - is the highest-paying domestic pro league in Israel with Maccabi Tel Aviv easily paying the largest wages to overseas basketball players. Other clubs such as Hapoel Jerusalem are also very capable of high wages. Liga Leumit, Israel’ second pro division, is another viable option. Learn more.

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Iraq Basketball League Salaries (Iraq SuperLeague/IBL- 2021)

Iraq SuperLeague - formerly known as the Iraq Basketball League - salaries have gone down in recent years but professional basketball in Iraq can still be quite lucrative. Overseas basketball players should know the salaries in Iraq are in the upper-tier for overseas basketball but playing here is not without its complications. So if you want to know “How much Iraqi basketball players make” then get the complete breakdown here. Learn more.

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Overseas Basketball Salaries: Australian NBL Basketball League Salaries and Salary Cap (2022)

Australia’s NBL basketball salaries can vary wildly depending on your skill level and player designation within the league. But with so much international appeal, the NBL has quickly become one of the most attractive overseas basketball leagues in the world. Its overseas basketball wages are high, competition is great and the location is top-notch. Learn more.

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British Basketball League Salaries: How Much Do British Basketball Players Make? [BBL 2021]

The British Basketball League (BBL) team salary cap went up recently and it appears so has its basketball salaries. With certain teams like the London Lions and Leicester Riders being able to compete in European events, overseas basketball players - both experienced and beginners - should be looking at England's domestic pro league as a viable option moving forward. Learn more.

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