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Helping basketball players achieve their pro dreams.

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My name is Jose Colorado and I’m a 6-Year Pro Basketball player who has helped hundreds of players get signed over the years.

Regardless of your:

  • Skill level

  • Nationality

  • Country of residence

  • Passport

…I can help

Skill is one thing.

But skill without the proper knowledge and guidance is nothing.

Skill is not enough in today’s highly competitive overseas basketball market.

YOU need a plan.

YOU need to understand the market.

YOU need guidance.


You ’ll waste years of your PRIME as I - and hundreds of other players - have throughout the years.

That’s no longer necessary.

The information is out there.

And I’m personally seeing to it that players get it.

No - I am not an agent.

And I do not represent players.

Instead - I spend my time educating players on the overseas market so they can create their own path and hunt out their own contracts.

Nowadays I’ve helped players with:

  • High school experience

  • Small college experience

  • Low-level pro experience

  • International/FIBA experience

…and more further their careers.

Whatever is your next step I hope you take advantage of the knowledge given on my website and enjoy!





League, Country (Year)

1. Adam Gotelli

Basket School Messina

Serie C, Italy (2021)

2. Kevin Orellana

Brujos de Izalco

LMB, El Salvador (2021)

3. Joshua Roberts

BC Artskah

League A, Armenia (2021)

4. Trent Baker

El Rapido de Union

LMB, El Salvador (2021)

5. Enoch Hood

CPAM Midelt

SuperLeague, Morocco (2017)

6. Mike Rostampour

Palayesh Naft Abadan

SuperLeague, Iran (2019)

7. Derrick Allahyarian

Erebuni BC

League A, Armenia (2021)

8. Isaiah Thomas

Orange Walk Running Rebels

NEBL, Belize (2020)

9. Slim Magee

Non-disclosure agreement


10. Will Perry

Non-disclosure agreement


11. Quincy Scates

Non-disclosure agreement


12. Casey Carpinello

NEW Grevenbroich Elephants

Regionalliga 2, Germany (2022)

13. Wyatt Self

Sussex Bears

NBL D2, England (2022)

14. LeAngelo Saravia

Metapan B.C.

LMB, El Salvador (2022)

15. Ray Miller

Valley Vipers (Contract offer)

ECBL, Canada (2023)

16. Pedro Alarcon

Owensboro Thoroughbreds

TBL, USA (2023)

17. Zsombor Vertes

Veszprem Klub

NBI B, Hungary (2023)

18. Adonis Williams

PMA Basketball

FIBA Agency (2023)

19. Brian Dawson


FIBA Agency (2023)

20. Jake Salinero

Fortuna Baskets

Regionalliga 2, Germany (2023)

21. BB Chuks-Mady

Malahide BC

National League, Ireland(2023)

22.Stefanos Antoniades

MTV Kronberg

Regionalliga 2, Germany (2023)

23. Romey Wright

Tokushima Gambarous

B3 League, Japan (2024)