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Albania Basketball League Salary (SuperLiga, Liga Unike; 2023)

Albania Basketball League: SuperLiga (1st Division)

Player Salary Ranges

US$200 - $2,000/per month

Most Commonly Reported Player Salary (Imports)

US$500 - $700/mth

MAX Player Salary


Lowest Reported Salary

0 (Zero)

Sources (Players, Coaches, Media, GMs)

Eleven (11)

Source :, Professional Basketball Players Survey Data [2023]

Albanian Basketball League Salary

Albania’s basketball league salaries for its top division - The SuperLiga - range from US$200 - $2,000/per month.

But most players make US$500 - $700/per month.

According to our overseas basketball salaries study that examined 100+ leagues worldwide, Albania is, thus, in the lowest pay grade in overseas basketball!

But don’t worry!

There are still plenty of benefits to playing in The SuperLiga if you are just starting your career in overseas basketball.

So let’s explore what those are and also see which teams pay the best.

Albania's top professional basketball league is SuperLiga where players make roughly US$500 - $700/per month.

Albania Basketball League

The Albanian SuperLiga is the country’s 1st Division basketball league. With six teams and unlimited foreigner spots available, it is considered a beginner league for overseas basketball players.

Now before we go any further, let’s get something out the way:

This league isn’t for everybody.

In fact:

If you are:

  • Expecting big money

  • An experienced pro

  • Looking to move up into top-tier leagues in Europe

  • Looking to retire with a big payday

…then I’d recommend looking elsewhere.

Most likely that would be high-level Europe or Asia!

But if you are:

  • A beginner in overseas basketball

  • Just want to get your foot in the door

  • Need film

  • Need stats

  • Need to fill a gap year

  • Don’t care if you finish your career in Europe or elsewhere

…then this league could be for you!

When it comes to Albania the main thing you want to focus on is exposure and experience.

Will you get rich playing here?

Highly unlikely.


Players have told me it doesn’t cost much to live in Albania.

Apparently, its standard of living is comparatively low to other parts of the world.

But that isn’t the point.

The point here is:

Albania is a place to get your foot in the door and begin your overseas career. Period.

Will it be the most respected country/league in Europe?


Will living conditions be ideal?


Will (European) agents potentially look down at your stats from there?

Yes - 28PPG in Albania is not the same as 28PPG in Spain.

But you can deal with all of that after the fact.

Right now - if you are starved for film and experience, then this is a league you should be seriously considering.

Some other options for starter leagues can be found here.

Some of the main perks of playing in Albania:

  • Albania allows unlimited imports

  • Teams do sign small college players (NAIA, NCAA D3)

  • Albania can provide entry into European market (Kosovo, Montenegro)

  • Albania has a joint league with Kosovo (Liga Unike)

Now here’s the thing:

Although teams are allowed to bring in unlimited imports - not every team will.

Some will have just 2-3.

Others will sign as many as possible.

One player told me a club signed 7 Americans!

In my personal case:

I had a coach (friend) who was in negotiations with an Albanian team called Vllaznia.

That coach told me that if he was able to secure the job, Vllaznia told him he could bring in 5 imports at a $4,000/per month budget.

That’s $800/per player.

Albania basketball teams look for beginner and starter overseas players

I once had a deal to Albania’s SuperLiga team, Vllaznia, dependent on a specific coach getting signed there first. But it never happened.

At the time:

I was looking to break into the European market so I was all in.


Vllaznia went another route, signing another coach in the process.

But fortunately I landed in an even better European market - Germany!

Something to consider for future reference:

Whenever you are bringing in so many imports/foreigners in a lower-paying league, be cautious.

Remember, someone has to:

  • Pay them

  • Feed them

  • House them

  • Care for them

  • Fly them (potentially)


All of that costs money.

So in lower-paying countries, such as Albania, that can become difficult.

Don’t think more Americans necessarily = better situation for YOU.

Your team could potentially be better on-the-court due to a better talent level.

But it could also implode if off-the-court issues boil over.

In either case:

You have to pick the best situation for YOU.

So with all that in mind, which teams are the best Albanian basketball clubs to sign with?

Let’s take a look at that next.

Albania basketball teams

Historically speaking, BC Partizani Tirana is the most successful Albanian basketball team ever with 33 league championships. But in recent years, BC Teuta Durres has emerged as the country’s most powerful club.

For instance:

Partizani Tirana hasn’t won a league title since 1996 and currently competes in Albania’s second division.


Teuta Durres current streak looks like this:

  • 2022: League Champions

  • 2021: League Champions

  • 2020 (Season cancelled)

  • 2019: Runner-up

  • 2018: Runner-up


So if you are looking for the top club in the league at the moment then I’d recommend contacting Teuta.

If you don’t know how to cold-call teams then take a look here.

In either case:

In general, the clubs traditionally at the top of the leader board will have the most money, resources, professionalism, sponsorships etc.

Here are all the Albanian SuperLiga teams at the time of this writing:

  • BC Teuta Durres

  • Beselidhja Basket

  • BC Kazma Basket

  • Teuta Durres

  • KB Tirana

  • KB Vllaznia

Albania Kosovo Basketball League

The Albania - Kosovo Basketball League - named the Liga Unike - debuted in 2021. Kosovo pro clubs have dominated the competition so far, winning every title since it began.

In fact:

Since it started in 2021 no Albanian team has placed within the Top-3.


This league was put on pause in 2023 due to financial difficulties with a few Albanian clubs.

Again - these are the type of issues you may be facing when playing in a lower-paying league/country.

So get prepared ahead of time.

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Moving forward, it appears as though both leagues still want this Liga Unike to run.

So keep your eyes open. It could return in the near future.

If/when it does, this would be a huge benefit for Albanian SuperLiga players/teams.


If you play well in Liga Unike then there is the chance to get recruited to Kosovo’s FIBA-regulated leagues.

From there, if you get into Kosovo’s leagues, your career could take off.

Markets such as Bosnia and Montenegro could become an option afterwards.

At the very least, you will be making more money in Kosovo. I am told some teams can pay upwards of $10,000/per month!

My friend and former G-Leaguer, Kevin Owens, previously played there and wrote a book on his overseas experiences.

Check it out if you’re interested in learning more.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Because all this starts with impressing at the Liga Unike level.

In other words:

Get on an Albanian SuperLiga team and qualify for Liga Unike because the latter essentially acts as a hack since you can:

  • Gain exposure to Kosovo pro clubs (new potential offers; more $)

  • Improve your resume (playing against better competition in Liga Unike)

  • Essentially have an open tryout to other teams, markets

  • Gain exposure to different markets

Continental competitions and inner-league games are one of the most powerful tools to get recruited in overseas.

That’s how I got recruited to play in Basketball Champions League of Americas - the highest level outside of the NBA in the Americas.

If you’re interested in learning more about what continental competitions - and overseas basketball - could do for your career, feel free to set up a time to talk with me.


So there you have it.

Albania’s SuperLiga basketball league salary.

It’s an overseas basketball league that is great for players who are looking to get started in professional basketball. Just don’t expect to get rich in the league.


  • Albanian basketball league salaries range from US$200 - $2,000/per month

  • Albanian basketball teams can bring in as many foreigners as desired

  • Albania acts as a great beginner overseas basketball league

  • Kosovo - Albania have a joint league named Liga Unike

  • Liga Unike can be a great way to advance your professional career

Are you looking to get your start in overseas basketball?
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