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Overseas Basketball Tryouts: Best Pro Exposure Basketball Camps in the World (EuroProBasket, Europe Basketball Academy & More)

Overseas basketball tryouts and combines can be a difficult topic to navigate for players looking to start their overseas basketball career. There are many and they can get expensive with little value to players. EuroProBasket and Europe Basketball Academy have emerged as two of the best overseas basketball combines worldwide with strong connections to pro coaches and clubs. We take a look at both - along with a few other notable combines - to see what the data says about their effectiveness. Learn more.

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How to Contact Overseas Basketball Teams: Best Way To Play Overseas Basketball Without Going to College (Germany Pro League Strategy)

Contacting overseas professional basketball teams can be difficult - especially if you lack connections. But with some research and guidance any overseas basketball player - even those with no college experience - will be able to find overseas basketball coaches, teams and get a potential overseas tryout. Germany’s basketball system is a great start for players interested in doing so. Learn more.

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Basketball Agents: 7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Signing [With Real Life Examples]

Basketball agents can be one of the most powerful tools in overseas basketball. They help players connect and sign contracts with overseas pro teams. But if you don’t know the proper questions to ask overseas basketball agents or what to search for, chances are you’ll end up disappointed and frustrated with the results. Learn what to look for in basketball agents overseas.

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13 IMPORTANT THINGS Every Basketball Highlight Video Needs [Get Recruited in 2021]

Basketball highlight videos are one of the most powerful tools in the recruiting process because it allows coaches, clubs and managers the opportunity to quickly evaluate your skillset. But if you don't know how to properly make a basketball mixtape then you could be seriously hurting your chances. So I'll break down 13 key factors needed in every Highlight Video. Learn more.

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How To Contact Overseas Basketball Teams [FREE & EASY METHOD FOR ANYONE]

There are many ways to get in contact with overseas basketball teams. But one method is FREE and EASY and something that literally ANY basketball player can use to get overseas basketball teams’ emails, head coach information and their start in pro basketball. Learn more.

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Overseas Basketball Teams Looking for Players: How to Find A Team in 2021 [4-STEP GUIDE]

Overseas basketball teams look for players through agents, combines, exposure camps and during certain signing periods in overseas basketball. Learn the important factors to consider in your next pro basketball job search.

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How To Play Basketball Overseas [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Overseas basketball qualifications, basketball highlight videos, basketball resumes, contacting overseas basketball teams, exposure basketball combines and much more are all hugely important factors that must be done right when figuring out how to play overseas basketball. Learn how to do that with this ULTIMATE GUIDE.

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How Long is the Overseas Basketball Season? [Global Chart Breakdown by Country]

How long the overseas basketball is depends on where you are, but as a general guide, think 7-9 months. Overseas basketball schedules can vary in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Oceania so we break down each region. Learn more.

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How To Write An Overseas Basketball Resume [Step-by-Step Guide With Pictures]

Overseas Basketball Resumes have certain requirements and qualifications including personal details, playing experience, basketball highlight film videos and more. Understand what pro basketball coaches and teams are looking for in basketball resumes.

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