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Overseas Basketball Tryouts: Best Pro Exposure Basketball Camps in the World (EuroProBasket, Europe Basketball Academy & More)

Overseas basketball tryouts, combines and exposure camps can be found throughout the world.

Some guarantee an honest shot in front of overseas basketball clubs and coaches.

Others deliver value through its game film, exposure and competition.

And some are just pure scams.

So how do you know who to trust with your hard-earned cash?

Well, let’s take a look at what the DATA says.

Yes, that’s right.

I’ve followed the top basketball pro academies and combines in the world for the past year, finding answers to questions like:

  • What players get signed?

  • Where do they get signed?

  • What was their previous playing experience?


So let’s begin and find out what overseas basketball tryout could be right for you.

Overseas Basketball Tryouts can be found throughout the world.

Overseas Basketball Tryouts can be found throughout the world.

Overseas basketball tryouts

Overseas basketball tryouts can happen anywhere in the world. But two of the biggest formal opportunities occur at EuroProBasket and Europe Basketball Academy as hundreds of players attend these academies every year in hopes of a pro contract.

So how do they work?


Both offer “Player Placement Programs.”


These programs aim at helping basketball players get signed with European and professional clubs throughout the world.

The academies claim they are able to do this because they have:

  • Deep European basketball networks

  • Connections to hundreds of pro coaches, scouts, GMs

  • Established reputations in European basketball

  • Game film/highlights to promote the players

  • Ability to promote the player even after the Academy has finished

Here’s a general overview of both:


Academy (Year founded)


Players signed through Programs
(All-Time) *

EuroProBasket (Est. 2015)

Valencia, Spain


Europe Basketball Academy (Est. 2010)

Barcelona, Spain


*As claimed by each academy

When it comes to program offerings:

Europe basketball academy cost

Most Popular Pro Placement Program

Cost range (approx. after Euros conversion)

Time Period (Approx. range)

Pro Placement Program

$2,100 - $4,000 USD

1-2 months

Data taken from Europe Basketball Academy.

europrobasket cost

Popular Pro Placement Program

Cost range (approx. after Euro’s conversion)

Time Period (Approx. range)

European Summer League

$1,100 - $6,100 USD

1-12 weeks

Data taken from EuroProBasket

overseas basketball combine

According to our data, in 2021 EuroProBasket separated itself as the top overseas basketball academy and combine by getting 29 different players signed to professional clubs.

It’s rival, Europe Basketball Academy, managed 10 signings in the same year.

europrobasket review: is europrobasket legit

Unlike it’s rivals, EuroProBasket offers much more transparency in its player signings and overall operations. Players should feel at ease knowing they are receiving a legitimate opportunity through the academy when they attend it.

Now disclaimer alert:

I have not attended either EuroProBasket nor Europe Basketball Academy.

So I am drawing completely on the data I’ve collected throughout 2021.

That, and the conversations I’ve had with many previous players of both academies.

So take my analysis as you may.


Even to an outside observer, it’s obvious EuroProBasket is easily the most organized and well-managed academy of the bunch currently in Europe.

For instance:

For each player signing EuroProBasket listed:

  • Player’s name

  • League/Country (sometimes only one) signed in

  • Highest level previously played

  • Player’s nationality (passport classification)

  • Year/Season signed for

  • Brief bio

Here’s an example:

EuroProBasket has one of the best overseas basketball exposure camps because of its organization and transparency with players.

EuroProBasket has one of the best overseas basketball exposure camps because of its organization and transparency with players.

This is a great example of what players should be looking for when choosing an overseas combine:

  • Clarity

  • Informative

  • Transparency

There is a lot of information here to help you gauge your decision.

Luckily for you I’ve done all the legwork and collected some of the most critical info.

Take a look at this comprehensive database for EuroProBasket of the 29 players who signed pro in 2021 following the academy.

europe basketball academy review: is europe basketball academy legit?

Europe Basketball Academy is the longest-running Basketball Academy in Europe so it has legitimacy but in recent years with newer competition, the academy’s lack of organization and overall direction makes it difficult for players to choose it over EuroProBasket.

For instance consider in the Europe Basketball Academy player signings, they did not include:

  • Previous playing experience (very important)

  • Passport classification (extremely important)

Here’s an example:

Europe Basketball Academy provides basketball tryout opportunities for players but more organization is needed.

Europe Basketball Academy provides basketball tryout opportunities for players but more organization is needed.

In the example above there are a few questions I’m left with:

  1. Is Sebastian purely an American? With a last name like Opon, I suspect there is another nationality at play (huge advantage). Although I could be wrong.

  2. Through which program did he get signed?

  3. When did he attend that program?

  4. Where did he play previously? NCAA? JUCO?

  5. What league is San Pedro Moixent in?

Considering that:

Here’s how their player database looked like.

The Europe Basketball Academy is an opportunity for overseas basketball tryouts.

As you can see, there is a bunch of missing holes of information.

I emailed them to see if I could find out more.

No response.

This is all a HUGE deal.


Well, if you’re paying thousands of dollars - which you will - to attend one of these academies, you better know exactly what you are receiving with that investment.

You’d better know what type of players are getting signed through this academy.

Ask yourself and them:

  • What college level do players who get signed come from? (e.g. NCAA, NAIA etc.)?

  • What position do they play?

  • What nationality are they?

  • What passport do they hold?

  • What’s the yearly success rate?

All of these questions and more should impact your decision.

They are all critically important to evaluating whether you will be successful or not.

One other important side note:

Europe Basketball Academy published 10 of its players getting signed in 2021.

But only two player-signings explicitly mentioned they were made through the Player Placement Program - the academy aspiring/beginner pro players will attend.

That means it’s very likely some of Europe Basketball Academy’s signings were players who had already received a previous contract.

They had simply resigned elsewhere to continue their careers then.

In other words:

They weren’t rookie players looking to get their foot in the door (likely what you are if you are reading this).

For instance:

A player named Udun Osakue was mentioned twice in Europe Basketball Academy’s 2021 player signings.

Both were deals in Germany in the Regionnalliga 1.

Is it possible he went through the Player Placement Program twice to get both contracts?


Is it likely?


Will we ever know?

Not unless Europe Basketball Academy actually publishes the relevant information.

It’s a bunch of unnecessary confusion.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to invest in a program such as that.

That leaves - almost by default - EuroProBasket as the premiere leader.

Luckily for you I’ve collected some fascinating data on EuroProBasket.

I’ve found out which player profile is most likely to succeed in Europe’s top academy.

Let’s take a look at that next.

overseas basketball exposure camps

Overseas basketball exposure camps are most effective when players understand the player profile that succeeds most for the camp. College and basketball experience, nationality, club relevance, time of year and more all come into play when trying to get signed at basketball exposure camp.

With that in mind here’s what I found for EuroProBasket’s most successful player profile type in 2021.

europrobasket review: what type of players get signed?

Based on our research review that looked at all 29 players signed to clubs through EuroProBasket in 2021, the most likely player to sign a pro contract through the academy is an North American or North American-dual citizen (66%) who has previous NCAA (D1-D3) experience (35%).

Spain (76%) is by far the most likely landing spot.

Here’s how the breakdowns went by nationality/passport, previous playing experience along with what country players were most likely to sign with.

EuroProBasket players signing pro: what nationality/passport is most likely to succeed? (2021)

(Player classification)

No. of players signed with this passport (%)

North American (Import)

11 (38%)

African/Caribbean origins (Cotonou)

9 (31%)

Western European (Bosman A)

6 (21%)

Eastern European (Bosman B)

3 (10%)

*There were eight (8) North Americans holding dual nationality. These players were considered Cotonou or Bosman.

EuroProBasket players signing pro: what college experience is most likely to succeed? (2021)

Previous Playing Experience

No. of EuroProBasket players signed with this level of exp. (%)


3 (10%)


3 (10%)


4 (14%)

NCAA Club Team

2 (7%)

NJCAA/Prep School (JUCO)

4 (14%)

U Sports (Canada)

1 (3%)

CCAA (Canada)

4 (14%)

European College system

3 (10%)

Previous Pro Exp.

4 (14%)


1 (3%)

What country does EuroProBasket have its strongest connections with (2021)?

Countries players signed in

No. of EPB Players signed in country (%)

Leagues Signed within country (No.)


1 (3%)

Unknown (1)


6 (21%)

Proliga (1), unknown (5)


22 (76%)

LEB Plata (3), EBA (2), Copa Catalunya (2), unknown (15)

A few take-aways from the data:

Much of this research review confirms what I’ve already been preaching for years.

Let’s start with the passports.

While I will admit I was a bit surprised of the number of imports (purely American) that signed through the academy, a huge portion of other Americans (28%) were helped by being a dual-citizenship (i.e. having another passport).

I’ve said it countless times and I’ll say it again: your (second) passport may be the single most important asset in overseas basketball - other than your game - especially in Europe where Bosman A/B and Cotonou status exists.

This scenario proves that again.

In terms of college experience:

I often see many players attend EuroProBasket who have only high school experience.

The data simply doesn’t support that being a smart move - at least not in 2021.

No player in 2021 earned a contract through EuroProBasket with purely high school experience.


If you are in this position then there is a much more effective way to get on in overseas basketball.

I’ve detailed it previously and have helped many players get on through this method but it is costly as well.


It should come as no surprise that EuroProBasket - based in Spain - is most well-connected to the Spanish market.

One important detail though:

Although 22/29 (76%) players signed in Spain through EuroProBasket, 14 of those were in “unknown leagues.”

The player signing statement simply said “signed in City Name, Spain” or something to this effect.

There was no mention of the Spanish league or club itself.

EuroProBasket provides overseas basketball tryouts for players looking to play professionally.

EuroProBasket provides overseas basketball tryouts for players looking to play professionally.

I spoke with EuroProBasket personally and they reassured me that was due to three main reasons:

  1. When team names were posted, rival academies would often try to horn in and offer their players instead to the listed team (creating unnecessary stress on the team)

  2. Hundreds of players would flood the teams DM if their name was posted

  3. Sometimes teams would not want the player signing posted yet (rather they’d want it at a later date)

All of them seem like legit concerns.

So just in case you were wondering - there you go.

overseas basketball teams looking for players

Wealthier overseas basketball teams look for players in many different ways including agents, connections, and player/coach recommendations. Typically teams looking to sign players through basketball combines or tryouts will be in a lower economic position.

In other words:

If you’re attending an overseas basketball combine, academy or tryout, it is highly likely you will be receiving a tiny (no?) salary even if you do end up getting a job afterwards.

That is the case with both Europe Basketball Academy and EuroProBasket.

Through these academies players will typically land in the lower-tier Spanish markets:

  • 6/10 (60%) Europe Basketball Academy players signed in Spain

  • 22/29 (76%) EuroProBasket players signed in Spain

Our research has already shown that overseas basketball salaries in Spain are notoriously low given the level of play.

But there is nothing wrong with that.

Players, please understand something:

If you are coming from a combine or academy you are in little position to expect/ask for a big salary.

You are just trying to get your foot in the door and stay in there.

In fact:

I detailed my own story of how I went $700 to $3,500 - 4K USD/per month previously.

Considering all of that:

Your overseas basketball tryout better meet some specific requirement to be legit.


You’ll end up spending a bunch of money with no return.

I’ve heard horror stories of players attending 10+ combines with no contract offer to show for it!

Here are some essentials I look for in an overseas combine:

  • Location

    1. Combine must be located in the same country/region where I’m trying to get signed

  • Time period

    1. Combine must be occurring during a relevant signing period for the country/league

  • Club relevance

    1. Combine must feature games, practices against lower-end clubs known for signing players through the combine

  • Skill

    1. My skill level/college exp. must match up with players in league who are getting signed

That definition alone would eliminate a number of overseas academies and combines.

I am not a fan of overseas basketball combines in the United States - and let me tell you why.

Overseas Basketball combines in the USA

Given that basketball combines are typically made for lower-paying leagues, overseas basketball combines hosted in the US often lack some key essentials including having coaches in attendance or having players already in the country of where they are looking to get signed.

Just think it through with me here:

If an combine director tells you overseas teams are watching through a link/stream - which they often do promote the idea of in the US - how can we, the players, know for sure?

How do we know how long they watched?

How do we know these teams are actually looking to sign players?

How do we know they would be willing to pay for our flights over?

Just take the director’s word?


Wealthier overseas teams will go through a much different route than the bottom-end teams as they:

  • Have a deeper network of contacts/connections

  • Can contact & pay agents to find better players

  • Can offer more perks to attract established players

Overseas Basketball tryouts can be achieved through many different ways including connections, agents, scouts and basketball combines.

Overseas Basketball tryouts can be achieved through many different ways including connections, agents, scouts and basketball combines.

Ask yourself:

Do you think lower-end teams searching for players through combines would have the money to spend on:

  • Player flights

  • International scouting trips

  • (Street) Agent finder fees

It just doesn’t make sense.

Other overseas Basketball Combines worldwide

Outside of Europe, few legit overseas basketball academies and combines are offered. With the Middle East and Asia remaining reserved for established players, Latin America has recently upped its basketball tryout opportunities in recent years.

One that beginner/rookie players may be interested in is Legend Lawson’s Tour.

Legend Lawson’s basketball tour provides an overseas basketball tryout for players in El Salvador.

The tour - which selects 10 players and places them on a single roster - operates in El Salvador twice a year just prior to the Liga Mayor de Baloncesto (LMB) and Liga Superior de Baloncesto (LSB) schedules (great sign).

The tour team travels across the country playing against lower-level teams in both leagues.

Here’s some relevant details on its success rate:

  • 120 players have attended all-time approx.

  • 17 players have signed contracts directly from tour

  • 17/120 success rate of contract signings (14.16%)

The tour does seem to have hit a lull in recent years however.

Only two players have signed since the global pandemic hit in 2020.

Legend Lawson's Tour: Signings over the years (lmb, El salvador)

*Approx. 120 players have attended the tour since 2016, 17/120 (14.16%) success rate.

Another combine players may be interested in - especially in the US - is the TBL Draft Combine.

This a great starter league and can even be elite competition depending on what conference/league you’re in.

They recently had their Draft where 88 players were selected through two rounds.

The league claims the vast majority of its players come from the Drafting process.

I’ll be sure to update this post with the actual number of drafted players who are on the opening-day TBL rosters.

That can help us gain a better appreciation of whether the draft is (a.) all show or (b.) actually results in roster spots/opportunities for players.


So there you have it.

The best overseas basketball combines in the world.

EuroProBasket and the Europe Basketball Academy are two of the leaders in overseas basketball exposure camps/academies and something players should consider who want to get their start in overseas basketball.

Just know your player profile when going for a basketball tryout.

It could make the difference between you finding overseas basketball teams looking for players and getting scammed.

What overseas basketball combines have you attended?
What was your experience like?
Comment below!

Jose Colorado is a 6-year professional basketball player helping others achieve their dreams of pro basketball with a proven and tested approach to overseas basketball.


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