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Portugal Basketball League salaries: LPB (Liga Betclic), ProLiga, Divisao 1 Wages [FULL Guide, 2022]

Portugal’s First Division Basketball League - La Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB) - pays the highest overseas basketball salaries in the country. They typically range from US$800 - $4,000/per month. Although top clubs such as S.L. Benfica can pay upwards of US$15,000/per month. Players in Portugal’s Second Division League (ProLiga) and Division 3 (Divisao 1) will earn significantly less. That being said, this country offers a lot for players looking to get their break. Learn more.

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Basketball Africa League (BAL) Player Salaries: Average Salary, MAX., Minimum, Highest-Paid Players and more! (Players’ Survey - Original Research, 2022)

The Basketball Africa League (BAL) already has established itself as a competitive overseas basketball league with high salaries. A large part of that comes from the NBA’s involvement. But beyond that, BAL’s rosters have different roster designations for overseas basketball players. Depending on where a player fits in, their wage will vary greatly. Learn more.

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Overseas Basketball Salaries: Vietnam Basketball Salaries [Chart Breakdown]

Vietnam professional basketball salaries offer some of the lowest wages in Southeast Asia but overseas players can still make serious coin if they are with the right team. And while the Vietnam Basketball Association (VBA) - Vietnam’s only professional league - is relatively new, it is steadily growing in interest and wages. Learn more.

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