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Portugal Basketball League salaries: LPB (Liga Betclic), ProLiga, Divisao 1 Wages [FULL Guide, 2022]

Portugal's Basketball league salaries in its first division - La Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol or Liga Betclic - range from US$800 - $15,000/per month.

Portugal basketball league Salary

Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB) - Portugal’s top pro basketball division - typically pays players US$800 - $4,000/per month.

Although the best clubs can offer US$5K - 15K/per month.

Portugal’s lower divisions - ProLiga and Divisao 1 - hover around US$200 - $1,200/per month.

That’s quite a big jump in wages from one league to the next.

But - as written previously - that’s how Europe’s tier-system typically works.

According to our overseas basketball study that examined 100+ countries worldwide, Portugal’s LPB would fit into the High-ELITE tier-pay grade.


The lower levels - Division 2 & 3 - would fit into the low/average scale.







Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB): First Division Salaries (Chart)

Player Salary Ranges

US$800 - $15,000/per month

Most Commonly Reported Player Salary (Imports)

US$800 - $4,000/mth

MAX Player Salary


Lowest Reported Salary


Sources Referenced
[Players, Coaches, Media, Scouts]

Fifteen (15)

Source :, Professional Basketball Players Survey Data [2022]

Portugal basketball league division 1 salary

When it comes to Portugal’s first division basketball league (LPB), SL Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting CP pay the highest salaries at US$5,000 - $15,000/per month.

Other teams will pay its players roughly US$800.00 - $4,000/per month.

Just imagine:

I spoke with one foreigner (American) who was making US$800.00/per month.

The import (his friend) on the other team (Benfica) was racking in US$10,000/per month!

But that’s the LPB for you in a nutshell:

Huge economic differences between the rest of the league and the top three clubs.

So if you aren’t on Benfica, FC Porto or Sporting CP, then lower your salary expectations.

But if you are shooting for the top:

Then which of the Big Three LPB teams should you strive for?

Benfica basketball salary

In the Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB), SL Benfica’s basketball salaries - and accomplishments - are unmatched as overseas players can regularly make +US$100,000/per year (bonuses included) playing for Portugal’s top club.

In fact:

Benfica is one of the few teams in the LPB - also known as Liga Betclic - that can attract NBA players.

Previous NBA players with SL Benfica (LPB)


NBA Experience

Years Signed with Benfica

Daequan Cook

6 years (374 games)

2015 - 2016

Kris Joseph

1 year (10 games)

2018 (did not debut)

Toure’ Murray

2 years (56 games)

2019 - 2020

Quincy Miller

3 years (69 games)

2020 - 2021

Toney Douglas

8 years (394 games)

2022 - Present

Now I know I said Sporting CP and FC Porto are also teams to keep an eye out for.

But when it comes down to it:

If you want the top dog, it really is Benfica…and then everyone else.

Consider the team has won nearly 30 league titles.

The next closest?

12 (as of publication date).

That means Benfica could lose for the next 15 years - and still have the most championships in LPB history.

Another thing to consider:

Benfica - alongside Sporting and Porto - compete in Europe’s premiere continental competitions such as the FIBA Europe Cup and FIBA Basketball Champions League.

It isn’t quite the EuroLeague but it is still a very good level.

These teams are tough.

So if you aren’t:

  • NBA level

  • NBA G-League level

  • NCAA D1 level

  • Seasoned overseas pro at high-levels


Then it’s likely you’ll have to look at the other LPB teams or another league altogether.

Now let’s not get it twisted:

No one will confuse Portugal for a European powerhouse:

  • They’re ranked outside the Top-50 in FIBA Rankings

  • Have never won a major European championship competition

  • Have only ever produced 1 NBA player

With that in mind:

Generally speaking, clubs and GMs don’t view it on the same level as Europe’s other top leagues (Spain, Italy, France, Germany etc.).

But there are still many benefits to the league - especially for overseas players looking to establish themselves.

Portugal basketball league

Overall, the Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB) can be viewed as an excellent ‘spring board league’, meaning it can provide great future opportunities for overseas basketball players.

Although competition-wise the league isn’t on par with Europe’s best, its production value is top-notch.

The LPB provides:

  • Great film

  • Great coverage

  • Match-ups against ELITE clubs (Benfica, Porto, Sporting; great for film)

  • Great lifestyle (foreigners often report falling in love with the country)

  • Great confidence building

Portugal’s Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB) provides great film and coverage, allowing overseas players to potentially attract bigger contracts in the future.

All of that bodes well for getting future jobs.

Another great thing about Portugal’s LPB:

They allow 5 foreigners per team.

That is, 5 foreigners regardless of nationality.

So whether the foreigner is:

  • American

  • Canadian

  • Japanese

  • Australian

…etc. It doesn’t matter.

League rules only stipulate each club can have a maximum of 5 foreigners - and then the rest must be natural-born Portuguese.

Often times:

European leagues will designate certain roster spots for specific passports such as:

In the LPB this isn’t the case which means more opportunities for imports (aka YOU).

As well:

If you are fortunate enough to get your foot in the door, chances are you won’t exactly be starving even if you are on a team outside of the Big Three.

Multiple players confirmed that different clubs can shell out US$1,000 - $4,000/per month.

Some squads included:

  • Imortal Luzigas

  • UD Oliveirense

  • SC Lusitania Expert

You won’t get rich off that money.

But you can still come home with some decent cash and really set yourself up for your future.


Because the European basketball season is roughly 8-10 months (including training camp, playoffs), in theory, you could still take home US$40,000/per year even on a lower-level LPB club.

Basketball careers are short-lived. Players have a small window to play.

So it’s really important to make the most out of your money when you can earn cash while hooping.

To that end, here’s a book that helped teach me some basic financial saving principles while I was playing overseas.

It transformed my financial habits and my life while playing - highly recommended!

Has there ever been a Portuguese NBA player?

Portugal’s lone NBA player - and highest-paid - to date remains Neemias Queta at US$508K (2022-2023).

The centre is on a two-way contract with the Sacramento Kings and has a qualifying offer of US$1.76 million for 2023/24.

So while you may think some of his countrymen are getting the bag in the LPB, Queta is on a different level entirely.

Neemias Queta is the highest-paid Portuguese basketball player in the world.

But he will have to work for it.

Nothing is guaranteed as Queta is starting off his NBA career on a two-way contract with the Stockton Kings (G-League).

The great thing about Queta is his development was almost entirely in the Portuguese system.

You often don’t see that with players from emerging basketball nations.

Typically they will head to The States early on for increased competition and exposure.

But Queta actually stayed in Portugal all the way up to 2018 - even playing for Benfica briefly before going the NCAA D1 route.

Alongside Queta:

There have been a number of other famous Portuguese players in LPB history.

In case you wanted to impress your Portuguese teammates, drop these names:

Famous portuguese basketball players

Famous Portuguese Basketball Players (LPB)


LPB Team (Last Year Played)

Neemias Queta

Benfica (2018)

Carlos Lisboa

Benfica (1996)

Heshimu Evans

Benfica (2013)

Diogo Brito

Spain (LEB SILVER - Present)

Jean-Jacques Conceição

Portugal Telecom (2003)

Portugal basketball league division 2 salary

Overseas basketball salaries take a big dip in Portugal’s second professional division - called ProLiga. Expect US$600 - $1,000/per month playing here.

The best players MAX out at roughly US$1,200/per month.

Portugal Basketball League Division 2 Salary: ProLiga (2022)

Player Salary Ranges

US$400 - $1,200/per month

Most Commonly Reported Player Salary (Imports)

US$600 - $1,000/mth

MAX Player Salary


Lowest Reported Salary


Sources Referenced
[Players, Coaches, Media, Scouts]

Nine (9)

Source :, Professional Basketball Players Survey Data [2022]


The highest-paid players in ProLiga would have the lowest salaries playing in Portugal’s first division - Liga Betclic.

So it’s a huge nose dive financially.

But it’s still a solid opportunity for players looking to:

  • Move up

  • Get your foot in the door

  • Get great game film/build playing experience

  • Get their names in the European market


Portugal’s lower divisions - such as ProLiga - generally aren’t viewed very favorably by other European countries.

And that makes sense.


Even Portugal’s Top Division doesn’t get that much respect from Europe - let alone its lower divisions.

So you will have to kill if you want a LPB team - or another mid-tier to strong European country - to pick you up.

Compare that to a country such as Spain.

All three of its top divisions - Liga ACB, LEB ORO, LEB PLATA - are viewed very positively in Europe.

Even if you played in Spain’s Third Division, it’s likely other European countries - who are aren’t as strong - will still want your services.

That is, assuming you played well.

Either way, consider all of this before entering the Portuguese market.

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Portugal basketball league division 3 salary

In Portugal’s third division basketball league - Divisao 1 - it is very rare for players to earn more than US$600/per month.

Players will typically have expenses paid for (housing/food partially) but will only earn a tiny salary of US$200 - $400/per month.

With that being said:

There are more than 30 teams in Divisao 1!

30 teams = even more opportunities.

So if you are a rookie then this could still be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.


Obviously with such a tiny salary you will need to have some:

  • Side incomes

  • Side hustles

  • Money to keep you afloat until you earn bigger money

  • Patience

That’s what I did when I first went to Europe.

I started off in Germany’s 7th division.

Yes - seventh division!

I only made about US$1,000/per month but I had multiple side hustles while the team paid all my expenses.

The end result?

I was actually taking home somewhere between $2,000 - $2,500/per month while leveling up in my hoop dreams/resume.

Portugal’s lower divisions pay low basketball wages but provide opportunities to players, similar to other European markets.


This same strategy could be used for Portugal’s Divisao 1.

I break down tips and methods for players to do just that and more in my personal coaching consultation.

Check out the link below if you’re interested.


Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB) offers competitive overseas basketball salaries, especially if playing for one of the top teams in the country such as S.L. Benfica, FC Porto or Sporting CP.

But once professional players hit the lower divisions, such as ProLiga and Divisao 1, salaries take a big dip.

Worst yet:

Its level isn’t very respected around Europe, leaving players with potentially few options afterwards.

These are all factors to consider when deciding if you want to play in Portugal’s basketball leagues.

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