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Overseas Basketball Salaries: Spain LEB Silver (Plata) Basketball Salary [3rd Division]



Salary Ranges:

$200 - $2,000 USD/per month

Most Commonly Reported Salary:

$600 - $1,000 USD/per month (65%)

Lowest Reported Salary:

$200 USD/per month

MAX Salary:

$2,000 USD/per month

Sources Referenced [Players, Media, Agents, Coaches]:


Source :, Professional Basketball Players Survey Data [2021]

As the third-highest professional basketball division in Spain, LEB Plata provides a surprisingly low basketball wage for overseas basketball players with the most commonly reported salary coming in at $600 - $1,000 USD/per month.

When looking at the bigger picture though, 65% of our sources claimed earning under $1,000 USD/per month.

The lowest (MIN.) and highest (MAX.) confirmed salaries were $200 USD/per month and 2K USD/per month, respectively.

According to our player survey that looked at 100 worldwide professional leagues, LEB Plata ranks as the third-highest paying conference out of the four major professional basketball leagues in Spain (ACB - LEB Oro - LEB Plata - LIGA EBA).

Overseas basketball players in Spain’s LEB Plata (3rd division) can expect to make $600 - $1,000 USD/per month on average.

Overseas basketball players in Spain’s LEB Plata (3rd division) can expect to make $600 - $1,000 USD/per month on average.


When it comes to Spain’s LEB Plata basketball salaries, players and coaches seem to be in agreement:


Just consider:

Despite a significant difference in team participation and skill level between Spain’s 3rd Division (LEB Plata) and 4th Division (EBA), there is actually little drop-off in pay between the two basketball divisions.

For instance:

Our player survey found the most commonly reported income bracket in Spain’s LEB Plata (Silver) was $600 - $1,000 USD/per month (65%). In comparison, EBA’s was $501 - $800 USD/per month (55.5%).

When it comes to lowest wage?

LEB Plata: $200 USD/per month.
EBA: $200USD/per month.

MAX salary?

LEB Plata: $2,000 USD/per month.
EBA: $1,100 USD/per month.

Spain basketball salaries: eba (4th division) vs. leb plata (3rd division)

All dollars are in USD. Average was taken by using the most reported monthly income in each country and then pinpointing the middle of that salary range.

The pay difference (or lack thereof) is all the more shocking when you consider the structure and quality of play in both leagues.

Consider LEB Plata:

With 28 teams currently registered in the league, Spain’s 3rd division has less than a quarter of the amount of clubs in EBA (127 teams).

Generally speaking:

Whenever there are fewer clubs, only the best players will make the rosters.


The competition and talent level will be better.

So while that is the case for LEB Plata over EBA, that upgrade in talent hasn’t translated to significantly better salaries and player wages.

Spain’s LEB Plata basketball league offers solid competition but with low basketball salaries.

Sure enough:

Because of this, multiple players have actually been on the record within the Spanish media stating this has either driven them to other leagues or early retirement altogether.


Like all other leagues in Spain, LEB Plata runs in the traditional European basketball schedule for about 8-9 months when including the pre-season, season and playoffs.

That means the average import player/foreigner in LEB Plata can expect to make anywhere between $6,400 USD/per month - $7,200 USD/per month per year (8-9 months pay) while playing in this division.

Here’s how I got to that number:

  • Take the most commonly reported monthly salary range ($600 - $1000USD/per month)

  • Pinpoint the middle of that range ($800USD)

  • Multiply $800x8/9 (for the number of months played per year)

  • Total amount = $6,400 USD/per month - $7,200 USD/per month

And while there is no further club championship such as the EuroLeague for these lower levels, the promotion/relegation system can lead to some interesting opportunities to increase wages.

what leb plata teams pays the most?

One way some players have gotten around the issue of LEB Plata’s lower salaries is by ensuring their team qualified for Spain’s next (better-paying) division - meaning LEB Oro (2nd division), as each year 3 teams are promoted to this higher-division.

Here, the salaries are a bit better.

So if you can do this, then you’ll seriously increase your profile and be on your way to:

  • Better pay

  • Better exposure

  • Better opportunities

  • Improved lifestyle

LEB Plata is the third-highest paying professional basketball league in Spain.

LEB Plata is the third-highest paying professional basketball league in Spain.

And if you’re wondering which LEB Plata teams you should be seeking out for a bigger paycheck/promotion to the next division…save your energy.

Because LEB Plata is meant as a “spring board” or transitional league to the higher divisions (LEB Oro and ACB), the highest-paying clubs will almost always be changing every year.

For instance:

There has been a new champion every year in LEB Plata since 2000.

No team has ever won twice during that 21-year span.

That means all of those top clubs (in theory) were promoted to LEB Oro.

It does get a bit better though:

At the very least in LEB Plata, players can expect a higher MAX salary top out.

Because some teams have been stuck in LEB Plata for years, at times clubs can become desperate to get over the hump, prompting larger than usual paydays.

In fact:

One active player in LEB Plata said the highest he had heard (although unconfirmed) a team go was 6K/per month for a former ACB (Spain 1st division) player who had dropped down to LEB Plata at the end of his career. The team was desperate to get into LEB Oro.


So there you have it.

LEB Plata:

An interesting overseas basketball league for up-and-coming players looking to make their mark in European basketball.

And while the basketball wages are definitely in the lower-tier range of pro basketball, if you can take LEB Silver for what it is - a platform and showcase to increase your profile (not a money league), this can still be a very favorable experience.

Have you - or any of your friends - ever played in Spain’s LEB Silver?
What was your experience like?
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