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How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Overseas Basketball? [Youngest Pro Players Across the World]

Instead of thinking of an age limit in overseas basketball, consider it a skill limit - are you good enough to play? If yes, age won’t matter. But in reality many overseas pro teams look for players of a certain age range because they know they have matured and developed in a certain way as people and players. Learn more.

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Easiest Pro Basketball Leagues To Get Into: 5 Countries Known For Giving Players Their Chance In Overseas Basketball [2021]

The easiest pro basketball league for YOU could vary depending on what type of player, nationality and experience you have. But regardless, there are more than a few countries known for giving rookies and beginner professional players their chance in overseas basketball. Learn where to look.

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Overseas Basketball Housing: What is it like? (Real Life Examples with Photos)

Overseas basketball housing is one of the main perks of professional basketball as overseas pro teams are expected to cover housing and lodging expenses for all foreign players. But there is much more to the equation. Learn more.

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What is Overseas Basketball? The 5 Staples of How Overseas Basketball Works [Visual Guide for Players]

Overseas basketball can have many confusing definitions as a professional basketball player doesn’t necessarily have to go overseas to play overseas basketball. I clearly list the 5 pillars of overseas basketball and how all professional pro clubs and leagues incorporate them.

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How Hard is Overseas Basketball? [2020]

How hard is overseas basketball? Well, for American players - and any import for that matter - every game in professional basketball is an elimination game. Every day is Game.7. This is the only way to treat it. If not, pro teams will contact someone else who will. It's just that simple.

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How Hard is Overseas Basketball: How to Deal With Dirty Players in Professional Basketball (Real Life Examples) [2020]

Playing teams aggressively with force, tough-nosed defense and the occasional hard foul is one thing, but there is a dark side to overseas basketball that much too often strays into reprehensible acts and dangerous cheap shots that have no place in any sport.

There is a method for wading through these obstacles and it may just be the difference between an import staying or being sent home.

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