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How to Contact Overseas Basketball Teams: Best Way To Play Overseas Basketball Without Going to College (Germany Pro League Strategy)

Contacting overseas professional basketball teams can be difficult - especially if you lack connections. But with some research and guidance any overseas basketball player - even those with no college experience - will be able to find overseas basketball coaches, teams and get a potential overseas tryout. Germany’s basketball system is a great start for players interested in doing so. Learn more.

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How To Contact Overseas Basketball Teams [FREE & EASY METHOD FOR ANYONE]

There are many ways to get in contact with overseas basketball teams. But one method is FREE and EASY and something that literally ANY basketball player can use to get overseas basketball teams’ emails, head coach information and their start in pro basketball. Learn more.

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Overseas Basketball Teams Looking for Players: How to Find A Team in 2021 [4-STEP GUIDE]

Overseas basketball teams look for players through agents, combines, exposure camps and during certain signing periods in overseas basketball. Learn the important factors to consider in your next pro basketball job search.

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