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Overseas Basketball Scams: 5 Clear Signs You’re Getting Scammed in Pro Basketball (Real Life Examples) [2020]

Exposure camps, basketball agents, overseas basketball teams contacting you, learn how you can easily identify what's real and what's a scam with five-year pro player, Jose Colorado.

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How Hard is Overseas Basketball: How to Deal With Dirty Players in Professional Basketball (Real Life Examples) [2020]

Playing teams aggressively with force, tough-nosed defense and the occasional hard foul is one thing, but there is a dark side to overseas basketball that much too often strays into reprehensible acts and dangerous cheap shots that have no place in any sport.

There is a method for wading through these obstacles and it may just be the difference between an import staying or being sent home.

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The grim reality for imports post COVID-19 and how to combat it

Changes are on the way - but to what degree, remains to be seen.

With many international leagues aiming to restart in the coming months, logistical adjustments will undoubtedly come out on the other end.

The most sobering reality on the horizon?

An international market without imports.

Here's a five-step plan to prepare for just that.

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Overseas Basketball: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Dangers of Pro Basketball (2020)

Like all professional athletes, overseas basketball players face many dangers both as an active player and in their life after sport retirement transition as depression, money loss and quality of life can be compromised.

Here's three ways to prepare for both scenarios.

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